Liberal Minority Government is an Opportunity for Public Transit

OCTOBER 23, TORONTO, ON-- The President of Amalgamated Transit Union Canada (ATU) sees a huge window of opportunity with the newly elected Liberal Minority government.

“The outcome of the 2019 Federal Election presents a great opportunity for transit professionals in the ATU to advance important national priorities,” said ATU Canada President John Di Nino. “A Liberal Minority government means they have to work together with other parties on an issue-by-issue basis. In order to achieve the very best for the public transit community, we need to shift gears and build on our strengths through solidarity and political action. No matter which party you support, a minority government has to negotiate and build consensus. This means we have more opportunities to get what we want and stop what we don’t want with the current government.”

ATU Canada has a number of initiatives it is pursuing at the national level and will ramp up pressure on elected officials.

“We need a Transit Operator and Pedestrian Protection Act in order to address instances of operator assaults, physical harm and hazardous conditions on our transit systems. This bill would mitigate things like driver fatigue, passenger sexual assaults and ergonomic issues with operator compartments.”
ATU Canada is also calling for action in the next federal budget.

“We also demand and expect dedicated operational funding for public transit in the 2020 budget. This is essential if Canadian cities are going to thrive and if the Liberal minority is serious about addressing the climate crisis. Funding for mass transit operations is essential to reducing greenhouse gases," added President Di Nino.

"The demise of Greyhound in Western Canada and the destruction of Saskatchewan Transportation Company has fed alienation and anger in that region. Federal funding can fix this problem that arose from the inaction of previous governments. We will not stop advocating for the restoration of inter-city buses for our passengers in Western Canada and for the indigenous community as part of reconciliation.”

The Amalgamated Transit Union Canada is Canada’s Largest Transit Union with over 34,000 members in vehicle operations and maintenance.


Media Contact:

John Di Nino

ATU Canada President

Cell: 416-938-0746

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